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Can Bowen Therapy Help with Anxiety?

Bowen Therapy and Anxiety

I am often asked whether Bowen therapy is appropriate to use on somebody for anxiety.

The answer is an emphatic Yes!

We see fantastic results in our clinics every day, although we are not exactly sure on the mechanism, there’s certainly a physiological and also psychological effect that occurs when someone receives appropriate Bowen therapy treatment for their anxiety. Read more.

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What is happening?

We know that someone with anxiety often has a racing mind. That they almost can’t relax, they can’t let go or slow down. Their nervous system is in a sympathetic dominant loop, and the body wasn’t really meant to be like that for a long period of time.

Your body’s sympathetic system is about fight or flight, it’s about trying to survive. We really should be existing primarily in a balanced condition of a parasympathetic and sympathetic state. This is where the body can heal itself, it can maintain, repair, digest food, and rest better.

Someone who is in this heightened state a lot of the time, that we call anxious or stressed, is certainly not in a healthy way of being.

Bowen is seen to be able to help reduce that stress level down. Even though this might be at a subconscious level, into more of a balanced state, so that the anxiety or anxious state can be lessened.

It is almost like Bowen Therapy offers the body another possibility, rather than being stuck in this loop. It offers the body another possibility. The body often will take that possibility when offered.

What do people experience?

Bowen just seems to be able to slow people down a little bit internally. We see people come for a repeat session often surprised at the results from their initial treatment. Pleasantly surprised.

One lady came back to us and she said “I felt like she had been drinking a glass of wine every day”.  She was feeling a lot freer and found moving a lot easier.

I have had people that have gotten to the point of having suicidal thoughts. Really struggling with their anxiety which can often lead to depression. They really feel a fantastic benefit from having Bowen therapy.

Bowen therapy is not a panacea. It is not going to totally cure people, although you do see that people do get some really great benefits from it. In conjunction with their other treatments, it may help them manage their anxiety and depression.

So, if someone asks you, is Bowen therapy appropriate for someone who has anxiety. The answer is certainly Yes. Around anxiety, Bowen therapy can often be very very helpful.

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What do people experience