Geelong Bowen

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There are many disorders that respond positively to mHBOT. Hyperbaric therapy reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, reduces swelling and increases Oxygen to the cells.

When the body sustains an injury almost every resulting process is the same, the inflammatory response. This causes swelling and thus we have reduced blood flow and a decrease in oxygen and the cells will either become dormant or die.

When hyperbaric Oxygen is delivered to the area it engages the structures within the cells to stimulate the cells by increasing energy, which increases the blood flow, which carries more oxygen to the dormant tissue. as this process continues there is a reduction in inflammation and a revitalization of the tissues with neo-genesis (new growth).

In summary, hyperbaric oxygen treats the basic disease process while rebuilding the building blocks of nature by increasing the level of oxygen, reducing swelling, controlling inflammation and increasing blood flow. mHBOT combines science with nature